Samman Technical Coach at Bache Consulting

I am an experienced Technical Agile Coach, Trainer, Software Developer and Architect, with a focus on Test Driven Development and automated testing in general. In my current role I help teams with the technical side of Agile. I am developing the “Samman” coaching method which involves short, frequent training sessions and whole-team ensemble working on realistic tasks to practice new ways of working. I’m an excellent programmer, particularly skilled with Python, but also Java, Scala C# and C++. I enjoy designing automated tests, and improving legacy code. I find the Samman coaching method a way to expand my reach and influence the developers around me to also learn to do these things better.

I have published two books, “Technical Agile Coaching with the Samman Method” and “The Coding Dojo Handbook”. I deliver training on behalf of Pluralsight and O’Reilly. I regularly speak at conferences for software developers and have been invited to keynote at Craft, ACCU and EuroPython. I have also spoken at events such as NDC, Goto, XP, Javazone, EuroSTAR, Agile Testing Days, Newcrafts and the Agile Alliance’s US conference.

In summary, I understand the technical foundations of agile - the ‘hard skills’ needed for developers to work in an agile team, and the technical prerequisites that need to be in place in the environment. I also understand modern development tools and architectures. I’m looking for opportunities to work with software development teams that are struggling with low productivity due to issues like legacy code, lack of test coverage, poor development infrastructure and tooling. I have a lot to offer, and can help turn around that kind of situation.