alks about #tdd, #refactoring, #pairprogramming, and #extremeprogramming

As an XP Coach & Software Crafter, I am raising the bar of professional software development by building quality software and helping others learn how to do so ( I have grown my skill sets over multiple languages and platforms (Java/JSP&Spring, Scala/Spray, Groovy/Grails, Ruby/Ruby On Rails, C#/.NET, Kotlin/SpringBoot, Java/Android & Objective-C/Swift/iOS, and React/React Native). I am a big proponent of XP-style technical practices such as test driven development, pair programming, continuous integration, direct customer involvement, and iterative delivery. My goal is to keep moving both learning and mentoring - to increase the breadth and depth of my technical expertise and track record of delivering quality working software as an XP coach or an individual contributor in a dedicated team environment.

Specialties: Java, Linux, Ruby, test driven development (TDD), unit testing, pair programming, CI/CD, agile software development, extreme programming, Certified Scrum Developer, OOA&D, GSM Mobile devices, Mobile Apps, software development teaching & training.

ATTENTION RECRUITERS: If you mention my favorite hobby (which is pinball) when contacting me, I GUARANTEE that I will take the time to reply to you because YOU took the time to actually read my profile.