Building software has always been a passion of mine. This is still true after 10 years of experience in various environments and business sectors. I’ve never really considered it work but “problems to solve”. Yes, I do love puzzles or anything that requires you to turn your head around ^^

Passion also means curiosity and hunger for knowledge. I regularly read blogs, articles and books. Some of my favorite authors are Mr. Martin and Mr. Seemann.

If I had to pick one priority when building a product, I would choose quality. This has always been what I put first. I’m not satisfied when “It Works”, it must also be done well.

Wherever I’ve been, I always tried to improve the team I joined. Whether by providing experience, a fresh eye, ideas or mentoring younger peers.

Talking about mentoring, sharing knowledge represents a key aspect of my participation in a team. I do believe that knowledge is useless if you keep it to yourself. We need to use our knowledge to teach and inspire others, the same way others have inspired us.

Feel free to take a look at my GitHub account : You’ll find katas I do for fun or coaching purposes but mostly, you’ll see the way I code.

Focus on not just when “It Works”, it must also be done well Mentoring, sharing knowledge and team contribution