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As a hobby he likes to play with Raspberry PI, to dive into the IoT world and sometimes to give talks. Besides that he’s an aspiring researcher focused on software testing and gamification. Testable is a gamified tool that aims to improve unit test teaching, trying to change the boring perception that developers have in learning how to test their code, you can find more things related to that in the playlists I share on youtube and also on my side projects page. Currently he’s working as a Software craftsperson at Codurance, changing the way people build systems and trying to close the gap between academia and the industry. Want to stay tuned on software development? Sign up for my newsletter “Papers of the week”.

I’ve started very young with my first computer with the famous Windows XP, before I took regular drawing classes, for over 8 years.

The more I played around with my computer, the more interested in it I became, and drawing was left behind.

I’ve been attending courses related to computers ever since and the very first course was a Hardware course and after that, I took a course on Computer Networks.

As I grow and time goes by, I get more and more interested in all kinds of technologies and computers and, with this desire in my heart, I graduated from my first University and enrolled for my first MBA in Software Engineering.

Nowadays, I am interested in open source projects, well architected applications, clean code, testing and gamification. I write things related to that on my blog: .