Je forme et coache vos devs à haut niveau 💯 Fondateur@WealCome Formateur réputé en TDD / DDD / CleanArchi (Qualiopi) FullStack +8 langages l Créateur de la biggest Craft Community online française, le Slack WealCome

Talks about #ddd, #dev, #tdd, #agility, and #cleanarchitecture

Michaël AZERHAD is a craftsman who has solid opinions and original style regarding code quality.

He has been practicing TDD for 11 years and even DDD, Clean Architecture and CQRS-style programming.

Fluent with several programming languages, he managed to apply those practices in distinct environments with various challenges.

Official TDD/CleanArchi Trainer for 3 years, Michael has trained about 600 people until now through mob programming on real projects from scratch, far more challenging that with simple Katas.

Since 2014 he owns a company “Wealcome” that aims to deliver great product to various demanding customers with a famous and original guarantee of 0-bug.

Active on LinkedIn on Software Craft subjects, with more than 15K followers.