[[[Optimising value delivery (Quality on Time, Defining clear goals, Timely delivery, Evolutionary delivery, Meeting deadlines, Project Rescue)]]]

Coaching your teams to proudly deliver the Right Result on Time

Niels Malotaux is an independent Project Coach, and expert in optimizing team performance. He has some 40 years of experience in designing electronic systems, at Delft University, in the Dutch Army, at Philips Electronics, and 18 years leading his own systems design company. Since 1998 he has devoted his expertise to helping projects to deliver ‘Quality on Time’: delivering the right results at the right time.

Since 2001, he has taught and coached 100s of projects/teams in 40+ organizations in the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Romania, South Africa, the UK, and the US, in fields like electronics, software, space, road, rail, telecom, building automation, parking systems, which led to a wealth of experience in which approaches work better, and which work less in real practice.

Educated as an electronics engineer, from time to time he is still asked to develop embedded products (HW/FW). Focus on Zero Defects deliveries.

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