With more than 25 years in the industry, I understand the need for Quality Software Craft practices. Software creation is a complex endeavor that requires great minds to think about not only solving the problems but also about how to create easy maintainability and extensibility.

I teach teams how to create well-crafted software and processes for maturing into high-performing teams. I believe in Quality Craft practices like TDD, Pair & Mob programming, CI/CD and SecDevOps Teams.

With over 30 years in the professional software industry, Paige understands the need for quality software practices to deliver well-written, extensible code in a quick and efficient manner. Paige’s work in a variety of industries, from insurance and finance, to game development and SaaS providers, has given him the insight and experience to help companies enhance processes and improve culture.

Paige is driven to create quality software by building high performing teams, delivering value more rapidly, and continuously improving processes. He believes that we need to continue to spread and grow knowledge of practices like pair-programming, mob/Ensemble work, test-driven development (TDD), refactoring, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) coupled with the processes of dynamic re-teaming, open allocation, self-selection of work, and process improvement experimentation within our teams, our industry, and our community.

Paige has helped companies across the USA to explore and implement better ways to work. He has been invited to talk at conferences throughout the US, and around the world, on topics like TDD, Refactoring, Creating a Culture of Learning, Object-Oriented Design, How to Interview for a High-Performing Teams, and Fluid Scaling Technologies. He reaches out to the community by co-chairing the Seattle Code Crafters meetup and mentoring “new to the industry” developers.

Paige grew up traveling the world and now lives with his wife, youngest son, two dogs, and two cats on a small farm near Monroe, WA. He enjoys board games, model railroading and camping.