J’aide les développeurs.ses à développer de meilleurs logiciels plus rapidement 🚀 - bit.ly/ebook-craft

Talks about #mentoring, #javascript, and #vulgarisation

Fond of TDD, hexagonal architecture, and software craftsmanship in general, I love to build well crafted products and share what I learn along the way.

I first discovered domain-driven design, hexagonal architecture and test-driven development in late 2016. Since then, I try to improve the code of my client to be more testable, more understandable and more modular. I created during the first lockdown a playable online version of Dixit (a board game) with those practices in mind and now receive more than 10k monthly visit, without having to maintain it.

Since February 2021 I post on LinkedIn and on my newsletter about these topics, and I have teached introduction to clean code & SOLID principles to more than 100 students on my website Craft Academy.

I’m working on a full hands on course on these topics, step by step.