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Where can I join?

Where do I register for the events?

Join our meetup group Meetup Group

Where do I watch the meetup?

  1. Open up the event on meetup.
  2. In the section “Online event” you will see a YouTube link, click on it when the event starts.
  3. The meetup is live streamed on YouTube.

How do I ask questions?

Our meetups are livestreamed on YouTube. So you can ask any questions via YouTube Live Chat. In general, we firstly have a 1hr session with the speaker (you can write questions in your chat at any time), and then we have a 30min Q&A session whereby we will choose a subset of questions from live chat so that it can be answered by the speaker.

Can I re-watch the meetup on YouTube?

Yes, our events are generally recorded on YouTube.

In case of any exception (if an event will not be recorded), then we will specify that on the meetup page.