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Our vision is to raise the bar of technical excellence across the world.

Meetup Calendar for 2022


30 Jun 2022

TDD in Hexagonal Architecture and Clean Architecture

Valentina Cupać, Founder & Technical Coach @ Optivem, Belgrade, Serbia

yoan-thirion guillaume-faas

06 Jul 2022

Xtrem TDD by Example

Yoan Thirion, Agile Technical Coach, Luxembourg

Guillaume Faas, Software Craftsmanship Leader & .Net Expert @Squaremiled S.A., Luxembourg


20 Jul 2022

TDD and other Agile practices: A Systemic Perspective

Michele Sollecito, Head Of Architecture @ JP Morgan, London, United Kingdom


03 Aug 2022

If you refactor after each green TDD step, you’ll fail!

Michaël Azerhad, Founder @ WealCome, Paris, France


16 Aug 2022

TDD Perspectives: Trade-offs and impact of functional programming

Urs Enzler, Software Architect @ Calitime AG, Co-organizer @ .NET Usergroup Zentralschweiz Zug, Switzerland


31 Aug 2022

TDD: How to Write Maintainable Tests as Executable Specifications

Pierre Criulanscy, Trainer & Consultant @ CraftAcademy, Montreuil, France


07 Sep 2022

Clean Architecture: Principles, Patterns and Practices

Ivan Paulovich, Engineering Manager @ Lunar, Stockholm, Sweden


14 Sep 2022

Agile is a slow and steady way to win the race

Alex Bunardzic, Director of Automation @, Vancouver, Canada


20 Sep 2022

How to sell TDD to the management and your fellow colleagues

Daniel Moka, Software Craftsman @ MokaIT, Co-creator @ TDD Manifesto France


28 Sep 2022

The Trouble with Continuous Delivery

Bryan Finster, Value Stream Architect @ Defense Unicorns, Arkansas, United States

rodislav-moldovan adrien-muller

05 Oct 2022

Tech Interview Cookbook

Rodislav Moldovan, Software Craftsman @ BIL Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Adrien Muller, Technical Coach & Software Craftsman @ BIL, Luxembourg


12 Oct 2022

Improving your integration testing efforts with contract testing

Bas Dijkstra, Director @ Inspired Academy, Amersfoort, Netherlands


19 Oct 2022

Bigger unit tests are better - why small unit test classes will slow you down

Peter Schuler, Senior Java Developer @ Rabobank, The Randstad, Netherlands

marco-consolaro alessandro-di-gioia

09 Nov 2022

TDD and Remote Mob Programming

Marco Consolaro, Co-Founder and Technical Coach @ Alcor Academy, London, United Kingdom

Alessandro Di Gioia, Co-founder @ Alcor Academy, London, United Kingdom


16 Nov 2022

Engineering Leaders: Creating a culture of Tech Excellence

Ariel Pérez, previously Executive Director, Head of Digital and Communications Platforms, International Consumer Bank @ JPMorgan Chase & Co., New York, United States


24 Nov 2022

Domain Driven Design to the rescue of legacy code

Khaled Souf, Senior Consultant @ Socradev, Nyon, Switzerland


30 Nov 2022

The Hard Truth About TDD

Alexander Pushkarev, Senior Software Engineer @ TripAdvisor, London, United Kingdom

oliver-zihler alina-liburkina

07 Dec 2022

DDD, Event Storming & Clean Architecture

Oliver Zihler, Full Stack Software Engineer @ Swisscom, Zurich, Switzerland

Alina Liburkina, Software Engineer @ BlueCare AG, Zurich, Switzerland


14 Dec 2022

Using BDD/ATDD in context with DDD and Clean Architecture

Ken Pugh, Principal Consultant @ Ken Pugh, Inc., North Carolina, United States

Our Team


Valentina Cupać - Founder & Organizer @ Tech Excellence

Technical Coach | Helping backend development teams to deliver quality software faster with TDD, Clean Architecture & Clean Code | Helping Engineering Leaders build a culture of Technical Excellence


Daniel Moka - Co-Organizer @ Tech Excellence

Software Engineer | Raising the software quality standards worldwide | TDD & Clean Code & best practices | .NET & Rust & JS/TS


Oliver Zihler - Co-Organizer @ Tech Excellence

eXtreme Programmer & Software Crafter | Software Design & DDD | Agile Development


Ilias El-Mhamdi - Writer @ Tech Excellence


Jelena Cupać - UX/UI Designer @ Tech Excellence

Digital Product Designer | Design thinking, user flows, wireframing & prototyping | Process Modelling

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Tech Excellence

A community of software developers and engineering leaders who are raising the bar of technical excellence across the world.

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Better Software Faster: Helping backend development teams deliver quality software faster with TDD, Clean Architecture & Clean Code

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Optivem - Valentina Cupać

Better Software Faster: Helping backend development teams deliver quality software faster with TDD, Clean Architecture & Clean Code

WealCome - Michaël Azerhad

Software craftsmanship is in our genes: we create your software from A to Z and offer training services

Alcor Academy - Marco Consolaro & Alessandro Di Gioia

Promote a Culture of Excellence in your Software Engineering Teams with our INNOVATIVE socio-technical training

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We turn your legacy system into a modern and scalable digital experience without the high risks of making new software

Yoan Thirion Technical Coaching - Yoan Thirion

I coach teams get better at software delivery through Agile & Craft practices

CraftAcademy - Pierre Criulanscy

Passionate about TDD, Crafter & Trainer -

On Test Automation - Bas Dijkstra

Helping individuals, teams and organizations improve their test automation efforts

Beyond Agility - Peter Gfader

We help your teams to discover better ways to build products and software with tools in testing, engineering and lots of automation.

Becoming.Tech - Rodislav Moldovan

Becoming.Tech is the home of the cost-effective software.

MokaIT - Daniel Moka

I help you to build better and elegant software by using design principles & programming disciplines

Digital Exprt - Alex Bunardzic

Providing innovative approached to automating business operations

Code Insider - César Mourot

Expert consulting company on advanced software development methodologies

Code Sherpas - Cristina Verdi

We help you build excellent diverse & inclusive tech teams and drive them to the next level of business impact - Mike Wojtyna

Become a professional software developer and elevate your career to the next level

Vue Workshop - Guillaume Duhan

A remote workshop to learn Vue 3 essentials

Ken Pugh, Inc. - Ken Pugh

Training and consulting in lean-agile processes, with an emphasis on TDD/BDD


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Where do I register for the events?

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Where do I watch the meetup?

  1. Open up the event on meetup.
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  3. The meetup is live streamed on YouTube.

How do I ask questions?

Our meetups are livestreamed on YouTube. So you can ask any questions via YouTube Live Chat. In general, we firstly have a 1hr session with the speaker (you can write questions in your chat at any time), and then we have a 30min Q&A session whereby we will choose a subset of questions from live chat so that it can be answered by the speaker.

Can I re-watch the meetup on YouTube?

Yes, our events are generally recorded on YouTube.

In case of any exception (if an event will not be recorded), then we will specify that on the meetup page.


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Disclaimer: Some of our speakers may present code demos during the meetup sessions. Please note that any code shown during any meetups is for educational purposes only.