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Meetup Calendar for 2023

08 Feb 2023

TDD and Hexagonal Architecture in Microservices

Valentina Cupać, Founder & Technical Coach @ Optivem, Belgrade, Serbia

22 Feb 2023

Testing With Terraform

Janis Orlovs, CTO @ CWISE, Riga, Latvia

8 March 2023

TDD Anti-patterns

Ahmed Misbah, Chief Software Engineer @ Orange Innovation Egypt, Giza, Egypt

15 March 2023

Help! We have a QA problem!

Niels Malotaux, Technical Coach @ N R Malotaux - Consultancy, Medebach, Germany

05 Apr 2023

Getting out of Legacy with 3P

Johan Martinsson, Technical Coach @ ChangIT, Grenoble, France

19 Apr 2023

Component-Driven Development with React & DOM Testing

Paul Hammond, Director @ Pack Software LTD, Manchester, United Kingdom

03 May 2023

What is Tech Excellence? Who Cares?

Kyle Aretae, Principal Agile Coach @ T-Mobile, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

17 May 2023

12 Microservices Testing Techniques for Dependency Control

Wojciech Bulaty, CEO and Product Architect @ Traffic Parrot, London, UK

31 May 2023

Shipping Better Software Faster & Having Fun Doing It

Chris Holland, VP of Software Development @ CertainPath, Austin, Texas, United States

21 Jun 2023

Domain-Driven Qualities of High Performing Teams

Denis Cahuk, Technical Coach @ Coach Denis, Ljubljana, Slovenia

5 July 2023

Effective Software Design: Going forward by taking a step back

Nicholas Ocket, Oprichter @ About Coding, Tielt, Flemish Region, Belgium

19 July 2023

Whole Team Programming

Paige Watson, Senior Consultant @ Industrial Logic, Inc., Greater Seattle Area, USA

9 Aug 2023

Visual Thinking for Software Teams

Jacqueline Bilston, Software Developer @ Yelp, Canada

23 Aug 2023

A Tactical TDD Introduction

Garrick West, XP Coach & Software Crafter @ Industrial Logic, Seattle, Washington, United States

6 Sep 2023

Shipping React app with zero-bugs policy using TDD

Nik Sumeiko, Software Engineer, Architect @ Erste Digital, Vienna, Austria

20 Sep 2023

Balancing Coupling in Software Design

Vlad Khononov, Senior Cloud Architect @ DoiT International, Israel

4 Oct 2023

Domain Driven Project Structure

Igor Sosman, Software Developer @ BlueCare AG, St Gallen, Switzerland

18 Oct 2023

Deploy to production on your first day

Timber Kerkvliet, Software Consultant & Architect @ CloudSuite, Uithoorn, North Holland, Netherlands

1 Nov 2023

Using Fakes for Testing

Marcelo Chiaradia, Staff Software Engineer, Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

15 Nov 2023

How to use TDD in Legacy Projects

Guilherme Ferreira, Open-Source Developer Advocate / Principal Engineer @ FARFETCH, Maia, Porto, Portugal

29 Nov 2023

Tech Excellence Meetup

Emmanuel Valverde Ramos, Senior Craftsperson @ Condurance, Murcia, Spain

Matheus Marabesi, Software Craftsperson @ Condurance, Madrid, Spain

13 Dec 2023

Unlocking the Awesome Power of Refactoring

J. B. Rainsberger, Consultant @, Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Meetup Calendar for 2024

7 Feb 2024

Tech Excellence Meetup

Alex Stücker, Software Architect @ Digitec Galaxus AG, Zurich, Switzerland

21 Feb 2024

Tech Excellence Meetup

Jimmy Bogard, President at Jimmy Bogard Consulting LLC, Austin, Texas, United States

5 Mar 2024

Tech Excellence Meetup

Oliver Zihler, Full Stack Software Engineer @ Swisscom, Zurich, Switzerland

Alina Liburkina, Software Engineer @ BlueCare AG, Zurich, Switzerland

3 Apr 2024

Tech Excellence Meetup

Jonas Felix, Founder & Trainer at, Co-Founder Your Sidekicks AG, Basel, Switzerland

17 Apr 2024

Tech Excellence Meetup

Daniel Moka, Software Craftsman @ MokaIT, Co-creator @ TDD Manifesto, France

2 Oct 2024

Tech Excellence Meetup

Fran Climent, Technical Coach @ Fran Climent, Villajoyosa, Spain

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Valentina Cupać

Valentina Cupać - Founder & Organizer @ Tech Excellence

Technical Coach | Helping backend development teams to deliver quality software faster with TDD, Clean Architecture & Clean Code | Helping Engineering Leaders build a culture of Technical Excellence

Daniel Moka

Daniel Moka - Co-Organizer @ Tech Excellence

Software Engineer | Raising the software quality standards worldwide | TDD & Clean Code & best practices | .NET & Rust & JS/TS

Oliver Zihler

Oliver Zihler - Co-Organizer @ Tech Excellence

Software Crafter | I help to deliver high-quality, business-focused, problem-solving software solutions | Software Design & DDD | Agile Development

Alina Liburkina

Alina Liburkina - Co-Organizer @ Tech Excellence

Software Craftress | DDD, Clean Code & Clean Architecture | Software Design

Ilias El-Mhamdi

Ilias El-Mhamdi - Writer @ Tech Excellence

Full-stack developer

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Jelena Cupać - UX/UI Designer @ Tech Excellence

Digital Product Designer | Design thinking, user flows, wireframing & prototyping | Process Modelling

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