Tech Excellence


This page contains our members, people who care about and practice Technical Excellence. We're comprised of Technical Coaches and Trainers, Engineering Leaders, Software Developers, and more. You can become a member by adding yourself to this list and making a PR. If you're a company and would like your organization to be added, then please send a message to Valentina with details about your company.

Valentina Jemuović

Founder & Technical Coach @ Optivem

Technical Coach | Helping backend development teams to deliver quality software faster with TDD, Clean Architecture & Clean Code | Helping Engineering Leaders build a culture of Technical Excellence

Belgrade, Serbia

TDD Clean Code Clean Architecture Hexagonal Architecture Microservices Refactoring Continuous Delivery Pair Programming Mob Programming XP

Java, .NET, NodeJS, Python, C/C++

Yoan Thirion

Agile Technical Coach

Focusing on helping teams deliver well crafted software by coaching them on the implementation of agile practices


TDD DDD agile

C#, .NET

Guillaume Faas

Software Craftsmanship Leader & .Net Expert @Squaremiled S.A.

Developer Advocate, Software Craftsman, Speaker, Mentor and Host of Software Craftsmanship Luxembourg



.NET, C#

Michele Sollecito

Head Of Architecture @ JP Morgan

Software product delivery executive and advisor with a broad range of experience across various industries and companies

London, United Kingdom

TDD agile leadership systems thinking DDD

Kotlin, Java, Jenkins, PostgreSQL, Node.js, JavaScript

Michaël Azerhad

Founder @ WealCome

Michaël Azerhad is a craftsman who has solid opinions and an original style regarding code quality.

Paris, France

DDD TDD agile clean architecture

Java, JavaScript, C, C#, HTML, CSS, Node.js, React

Urs Enzler

Software Architect @ Calitime AG, Co-organizer @ .NET Usergroup Zentralschweiz

Urs Enzler has practiced TDD for over 15 years and experimented with different approaches to get the most out of TDD

Zug, Switzerland

TDD hexagonal architecture functional programming software architecture agile


Pierre Criulanscy

Trainer & Consultant @ CraftAcademy

Fond of TDD, hexagonal architecture, and software craftsmanship in general, I love to build well crafted products and share what I learn along the way

Montreuil, France

TDD react mentoring

React, Node.js, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS

Ivan Paulovich

Engineering Manager @ Lunar

Ivan Paulovich is an Engineering Manager at Lunar Bank with an interest in Clean Architecture, Use-cases driven development and passionate about .NET and C++.

Stockholm, Sweden

TDD clean architecture cloud

C#, .NET

Alex Bunardzic

Director of Automation @

Experienced in leading and coaching teams in practicing XP, TDD, service virtualization.

Vancouver, Canada

XP TDD agile

Ruby, SQL, JavaScript, C#

Daniel Moka

Software Craftsman @ MokaIT, Co-creator @ TDD Manifesto

Software Engineer | Raising the software quality standards worldwide | TDD & Clean Code & best practices | .NET & Rust & JS/TS


XP TDD clean code

C#, Java, .NET

Bryan Finster

Value Stream Architect @ Defense Unicorns

I’m a passionate advocate for and practitioner of continuous delivery

Arkansas, United States

CI/CD devops continuous delivery

SQL, Unix, JavaScript, Node.js

Rodislav Moldovan

Software Craftsman @ BIL Luxembourg

Today I'm helping teams to find solutions to technical problems and facilitate interactions.


TDD clean code CI recruitment mentoring

Spring Boot, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Adrien Muller

Technical Coach & Software Craftsman @ BIL

Passionate about people and organization. I aim to help companies and their teams to carry out demanding projects in the best conditions.


recruitment TDD clean code

C#, SQL, Java, .NET

Bas Dijkstra

Director @ Inspired Academy

Test automation trainer | Consultant | Developer

Amersfoort, Netherlands

test automation integration testing contract testing distributed systems

Java, C#, Selenium, Python

Peter Schuler

Senior Java Developer @ Rabobank

Peter has been a trainer and a speaker on a wide range of topics like JPA, Web development, Security, TDD, and clean code.

The Randstad, Netherlands

TDD refactoring clean code

Java, Spring

Peter Gfader

Founder @ Beyond Agility, Host @ Software Crafters Zürich

Peter helps teams discover better ways to build products and software with tools in testing, engineering, lots of automation and ❤ for coffee.

Zurich, Switzerland

ATDD acceptance testing product development leadership


Marco Consolaro

Co-Founder and Technical Coach @ Alcor Academy

Software crafter, technical coach, international speaker, systems thinker, symmathecist, philosopher

London, United Kingdom

DDD TDD clean code refactoring

.NET, C#, Java, SQL

Alessandro Di Gioia

Co-founder @ Alcor Academy

With 20 years of experience in building software, Alessandro helps companies embrace Agile Technical Practices.

London, United Kingdom

TDD clean code refactoring Continuous Delivery


Ariel Pérez

Previously Executive Director, Head of Digital and Communications Platforms, International Consumer Bank @ JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Engineering and Product Leader

New York, United States

leadership management high performance teams

Java, C++, React, JavaScript, SQL

Khaled Souf

Senior Consultant @ Socradev

Khaled is a passionate Globe-trotter French Tunisian developer/architect/trainer/coach

Nyon, Switzerland

DDD devops software architecture

Java, Spring Boot

Alexandre Cuva

CEO, Software Crafts, Agile technical coach @ SoCraDev

Organization Coach | Agile Technical Coach | Craft Coach | fCTO | Pragmatic | TDD/DDD/BDD | Event Storming facilitator | eXtreme Programming

Nyon, Switzerland

TDD BDD Pair/Mob Programming XP DevOps

Java, C#, Elixir, JavaScript

Alexander Pushkarev

Senior Software Engineer @ TripAdvisor

With more than 10 years in IT, I had a chance to work in different areas, such as development, testing and management.

London, United Kingdom

TDD unit testing automated testing automation development

Java, Python, PHP, Selenium

Oliver Zihler

Full Stack Software Engineer @ Swisscom

Software Crafter | I help to deliver high-quality, business-focused, problem-solving software solutions | Software Design & DDD | Agile Development

Zurich, Switzerland

software design DDD agile clean architecture domain modelling XP

Spring Boot, Java, Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript

Alina Liburkina

Software Engineer @ BlueCare AG

Software Craftress | DDD, Clean Code & Clean Architecture | Software Design

Zurich, Switzerland

DDD clean code refactoring clean architecture

Java, Vue.js, Spring, Jenkins, React

Ken Pugh

Principal Consultant @ Ken Pugh, Inc.

Helps companies develop software effectively by applying lean-agile principles and practices

North Carolina, United States

TDD DDD clean architecture BDD ATDD

Ruby, Java, C#

Nik Sumeiko

Software Engineer, Architect @ Erste Digital

I demystify TDD for React engineers via trainings, workshops and mentorship. Together we gain confidence in shipping React apps with zero bugs policy.

Vienna, Austria

React TDD Clean Code Refactoring Typescript Pair Programming


Stanislas Klukowski

Freelance Developer @ FULL STACK SK

Clean code and craftsmanship | Code robustness, performance and maintenance | Experienced senior Java developer

Paris, France

TDD BDD DDD Clean Code Clean Architecture Hexagonal Architecture Refactoring Pair Programming Mob Programming

Java, Spring, SQL

Janis Orlovs


Janis Orlovs is a PlatformOps and DevOps consultant with more than 13 years experience in the field.

Riga, Latvia

cloud security automation

Terraform, ITIL, SQL, HTML, JavaScript

Ahmed Misbah

Chief Software Engineer @ Orange Innovation Egypt

I have been working with Agile methodologies and practices for almost two decades, starting with Extreme Programming and most recently DevOps.

Giza, Egypt

TDD BDD ATDD agile devops test automation

Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL

Niels Malotaux

Technical Coach @ N R Malotaux - Consultancy

Niels Malotaux is an independent Project Coach, and expert in optimizing team performance.

Medebach, Germany

Optimising value delivery Quality on Time Evolutionary delivery Project Rescue Dependable electronic systems design Zero Defects Reviews & Inspections


Johan Martinsson

Technical Coach @ ChangIT

Freelance dev coach, passionate about code and software design.

Grenoble, France

TDD unit testing clean code refactoring

Node.js, Go, Java

Paul Hammond

Director @ Pack Software LTD

Contract Web Developer

Manchester, United Kingdom

TDD CI / CD react testing

React, PHP, PostgreSQL, Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS

Kyle Aretae

Principal Agile Coach @ T-Mobile

Agile technical coach focusing on organizational change

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

XP agile

Java, Spring, C#, XML, SQL

Wojciech Bulaty

CEO and Product Architect @ Traffic Parrot

Helping teams accelerate digital transformation and create automated tests faster with API and system simulation

London, UK

business value microservices testing

JUnit, Java, Spring, Hibernate, SQL

Fran Climent

Technical Coach @ Fran Climent

More than 15 years designing and implementing electronics embedded systems

Villajoyosa, Spain

embedded systems microcontrollers electronics TDD agile

C, C++, Java

Denis Cahuk

Technical Coach @ Coach Denis

I train tech leads and their teams how to improve their delivery speeds and maintenance costs via Tactical Agility, Clean Code, TDD, DDD and Event Modelling.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

TDD CQRS event modeling DDD digital transformation

Node.js, React.js, PHP, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, MySQL

Chris Holland

VP of Software Development @ CertainPath

Software Engineer and Leader with more than 20 years of industry experience

Austin, Texas, United States

Coaching Web apps Leadership Team culture TDD

PHP, Java, JavaScript, CSS, MongoDB, Ruby, Pearl, Apache, Node.js

Guilherme Ferreira

Open-Source Developer Advocate / Principal Engineer @ FARFETCH

I'm a Software Developer with an interest in building excellent products with simple solutions.

Maia, Porto, Portugal

Solution Architecture Microservices Design Patterns

.NET Core, C#, PostgreSQL

Nicholas Ocket

Oprichter @ About Coding

Guiding developers from zero to Clean Architecture. Check out my website to start right away!

Tielt, Flemish Region, Belgium

Software design design patterns TDD

Java, Spring, javaScript, HTML< CSS, SQL

Paige Watson

Senior Consultant @ Industrial Logic, Inc.

I teach teams how to create well-crafted software and processes for maturing into high-performing teams. I believe in Quality Craft practices like TDD, Pair & Mob programming, CI/CD and SecDevOps Teams.

Greater Seattle Area, USA

TDD Pair programming Mob programming CI/CD Agile

C#, .NET, JavaScript, HTML

Garrick West

XP Coach & Software Crafter @ Industrial Logic

As an XP Coach & Software Crafter, I am raising the bar of professional software development by building quality software and helping others learn how to do so.

Seattle, Washington, United States

TDD refactoring pair programming extreme programming CI

Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL

Jacqueline Bilston

Software Developer @ Yelp

Dedicated to collaboration and sharing knowledge on how to make developer's lives easier


Data engineering Testing Refactoring

Vlad Khononov

Senior Cloud Architect @ DoiT International

Software Architect, O'Reilly Author and Trainer, Keynote Speaker. Author of "Balancing Coupling in Software Design" and "Learning Domain-Driven Design"


microservices distributed systems DDD TDD software architecture

C#, .NET, JavaScript, SQL Server, MySQL

Igor Sosman

Software Developer @ BlueCare AG

Over 25 years of experience in software architecture and development, strong leadership, creativity and technical vision.

St Gallen, Switzerland

Architectural design OOP Design Patterns Machine Learning Algorithms

Spring, C#, C++, C, Java, SQL

Timber Kerkvliet

Software Consultant & Architect @ CloudSuite

Domain-Driven Design | Continuous Delivery | eXtreme Programming

Uithoorn, North Holland, Netherlands

continuous delivery DDD XP TDD

Java, PHP, Python, JS

Marcelo Chiaradia

Staff Software Engineer

I help teams deliver value to the customer through continuous delivery of quality software, striving for technical excellence.

Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

TDD DDD CI/CD software design OOP

Java, Spring, SQL

Guilherme Ferreira

Open-Source Developer Advocate / Principal Engineer @ FARFETCH

I'm a Software Developer with an interest in building excellent products with simple solutions.

Maia, Porto, Portugal

Solution Architecture Microservices Design Patterns

.NET Core, C#, PostgreSQL

Emmanuel Valverde Ramos

Senior Craftsperson @ Condurance

Passionate about promoting good software practices and excels in delivering high-quality solutions.

Murcia, Spain


Java, C, Laravel, Vue, Typescript, React, Node, MySQL

Matheus Marabesi

Software Craftsperson @ Condurance

Madrid, Spain

TDD software design software architecture

Java, PHP, React, JavaScript, Node.js

J. B. Rainsberger

Consultant @

Works as a trainer and mentor to software development professionals

Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada

XP Agile test automation architecture OOP

Java, Ruby, Spring

Alex Stücker

Software Architect @ Digitec Galaxus AGS

Empowering and helping people improve their software craftsmanship and communication skills

Zurich, Switzerland

DDD software design

.NET, C#, Java, C++, SQL, HTML, CSS, JS

Jimmy Bogard

President @ Jimmy Bogard Consulting LLC

Austin, Texas, United States

software architecture TDD DDD distributed systems continuous integration

.NET, C#

Maria Zulfiqar

Technical Lead @ DPL

Continual learning is a core value of mine, and I stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Islamabad, Pakistan

clean code clean architecture

.NET, C#, Angular

Jonas Felix

Trainer & Co-Founder @

Jonas teaches software engineers how to orchestrate their software projects and automate their CI/CD pipelines

Basel, Switzerland

CI/CD DevOps Continuous delivery

Python, Node.js, PHP, Angular, HTML, CSS, SQL

Javier Lopez

Principal Engineer @ ThoughtWorks

I am passionate about programming, refactoring, building things and improving them by utilizing TDD and CI/CD

Madrid, Spain

TDD CI/CD agile trunk based development

Java, Hibernate, SQL, JavaScript

Emily Bache

Technical Coach @ Independent

I am an experienced Technical Agile Coach, Trainer, Software Developer and Architect, with a focus on Test Driven Development and automated testing.

Metropolitan Gothenburg, Sweden

TDD BDD continuous integration OOP agile

Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript

Maximiliano Contieri

Teacher @ Universidad de Buenos Aires

I’m a senior software engineer and love clean code, TDD, AI, and declarative designs

Buenos Aires, Argentina

clean code refactoring tdd AI

PHP, Python, SQL, JavaScript

Adam Ralph

Software Simplifier @ Particular Software

Adam is a distributed systems enthusiast and digital nomad

Flims, Graubünden, Switzerland

DDD SOA microservices architecture