Tech Excellence

Our Network

Optivem - Valentina Jemuović

Better Software Faster: Helping backend development teams deliver quality software faster with TDD, Clean Architecture & Clean Code

CodeArtify - Oliver Zihler & Alina Liburkina

Services for software development (consultancy, courses, workshops, e-learning, events, and product development)

WealCome - Michaël Azerhad

Software craftsmanship is in our genes: we create your software from A to Z and offer training services

Alcor Academy - Marco Consolaro & Alessandro Di Gioia

Promote a Culture of Excellence in your Software Engineering Teams with our INNOVATIVE socio-technical training

SoCraDev - Alexandre Cuva

We turn your legacy system into a modern and scalable digital experience without the high risks of making new software

Yoan Thirion Technical Coaching - Yoan Thirion

I coach teams get better at software delivery through Agile & Craft practices

CraftAcademy - Pierre Criulanscy

Passionate about TDD, Crafter & Trainer -

On Test Automation - Bas Dijkstra

Helping individuals, teams and organizations improve their test automation efforts

Beyond Agility - Peter Gfader

We help your teams to discover better ways to build products and software with tools in testing, engineering and lots of automation.

Becoming.Tech - Rodislav Moldovan

Becoming.Tech is the home of the cost-effective software.

MokaIT - Daniel Moka

I help you to build better and elegant software by using design principles & programming disciplines

Digital Exprt - Alex Bunardzic

Providing innovative approached to automating business operations

Code Insider - César Mourot

Expert consulting company on advanced software development methodologies

Code Sherpas - Cristina Verdi

We help you build excellent diverse & inclusive tech teams and drive them to the next level of business impact - Mike Wojtyna

Become a professional software developer and elevate your career to the next level

Vue Workshop - Guillaume Duhan

A remote workshop to learn Vue 3 essentials

Ken Pugh, Inc. - Ken Pugh

Training and consulting in lean-agile processes, with an emphasis on TDD/BDD

Traffic Parrot - Wojciech Bulaty

API and service simulator: speed up your software development lifecycle and increase software quality

ChangIT - Johan Martinsson

Regain control of your source code through TDD, clean code and continuous delivery

Learn, build and work with Nik - Nik Sumeiko

I demystify TDD for React engineers via trainings, workshops and mentorship. Together we gain confidence in shipping React apps with zero bugs policy.

Coach Denis - Denis Cahuk

Software Craftsmanship and Architecture Coach | Tech Consultant | Podcast Host