Tech Excellence

Meetups 2022

30 Jun 2022

TDD in Hexagonal Architecture and Clean Architecture

Valentina Jemuović, Founder & Technical Coach @ Optivem, Belgrade, Serbia

06 Jul 2022

Xtrem TDD by Example

Yoan Thirion, Agile Technical Coach, Luxembourg

Guillaume Faas, Software Craftsmanship Leader & .Net Expert @Squaremiled S.A., Luxembourg

20 Jul 2022

TDD and other Agile practices: A Systemic Perspective

Michele Sollecito, Head Of Architecture @ JP Morgan, London, United Kingdom

16 Aug 2022

TDD Perspectives: Trade-offs and impact of functional programming

Urs Enzler, Software Architect @ Calitime AG, Co-organizer @ .NET Usergroup Zentralschweiz, Zug, Switzerland

31 Aug 2022

TDD: How to Write Maintainable Tests as Executable Specifications

Pierre Criulanscy, Trainer & Consultant @ CraftAcademy, Montreuil, France

07 Sep 2022

Clean Architecture: Principles, Patterns and Practices

Ivan Paulovich, Engineering Manager @ Lunar, Stockholm, Sweden

14 Sep 2022

Agile is a slow and steady way to win the race

Alex Bunardzic, Director of Automation @, Vancouver, Canada

20 Sep 2022

How to sell TDD to the management and your fellow colleagues

Daniel Moka, Software Craftsman @ MokaIT, Co-creator @ TDD Manifesto, France

28 Sep 2022

The Trouble with Continuous Delivery

Bryan Finster, Value Stream Architect @ Defense Unicorns, Arkansas, United States

05 Oct 2022

Tech Interview Cookbook

Rodislav Moldovan, Software Craftsman @ BIL Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Adrien Muller, Technical Coach & Software Craftsman @ BIL, Luxembourg

12 Oct 2022

Improving your integration testing efforts with contract testing

Bas Dijkstra, Director @ Inspired Academy, Amersfoort, Netherlands

19 Oct 2022

Bigger unit tests are better - why small unit test classes will slow you down

Peter Schuler, Senior Java Developer @ Rabobank, The Randstad, Netherlands

03 Nov 2022

The key concept in computer science and how it relates to ATDD

Peter Gfader, Founder @ Beyond Agility, Host @ Software Crafters Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland

09 Nov 2022

TDD and Remote Mob Programming

Marco Consolaro, Co-Founder and Technical Coach @ Alcor Academy, London, United Kingdom

Alessandro Di Gioia, Co-founder @ Alcor Academy, London, United Kingdom

16 Nov 2022

Engineering Leaders: Creating a culture of Tech Excellence

Ariel Pérez, Previously Executive Director, Head of Digital and Communications Platforms, International Consumer Bank @ JPMorgan Chase & Co., New York, United States

24 Nov 2022

Domain Driven Design to the rescue of legacy code

Khaled Souf, Senior Consultant @ Socradev, Nyon, Switzerland

30 Nov 2022

The Hard Truth About TDD

Alexander Pushkarev, Senior Software Engineer @ TripAdvisor, London, United Kingdom

07 Dec 2022

DDD, Event Storming & Clean Architecture

Oliver Zihler, Full Stack Software Engineer @ Swisscom, Zurich, Switzerland

Alina Liburkina, Software Engineer @ BlueCare AG, Zurich, Switzerland

14 Dec 2022

Using BDD/ATDD in context with DDD and Clean Architecture

Ken Pugh, Principal Consultant @ Ken Pugh, Inc., North Carolina, United States